Lyrical Debates

The certified correct at the bottom of the lyrics pages means that I've compared what I've typed up with other version of the lyrics. Even at the great Teenage Wildlife site, some of the lyrics are incorrect. I had hoped that all confusion would be put to rest once I typed up the lyrics directly from the sheet music, but it was not to be. I think, unfortunately, there is still room for debate.


I mean is there even one person out there who thinks that in "Underground" David Bowie is singing "A land serene, of crystal blue". Of crystal blue?!? Of crystal blue ?!? No way! It can't be anything other than "a crystal moon"! I'm a champion of inventing your own lyrics because you can't understand a star, but there's no way it can be "of crystal blue".
      And it looks as though things aren't getting any less confusing in the Underground. There's been discussion on the Labyrinth newsgroup as to whether Sarah has "too much protection" or "too much rejection" before "no love injection". Life can be easy but it's not always swell for those of us who have to crank our stereos and try to figure this stuff out! According to the sheet music, the word is "protection". However, Walter's transcript of the movie shows "rejection". This really got me thinking because I always sang it "protection".
      I pulled out the soundtrack and then things got weirder. The beginning of the word does sound like he's going to say "rejection" but I absolutely don't hear the 'jection' at the end, I hear 'tection'. Yet, I'm not hearing the 'pro' at the beginning. Heck, I'm not really hearing anything at the beginning!

Magic Dance

I am sure, however, that in "Magic Dance" the line is not "slap that baby, make him pee", even though it does rhyme with an earlier line "make him free". Some have even suggested the line is "make him scream". I admit, maybe I'm trying too hard to "make him pay" as aparently ad-libbed by a goblin in the film, but a few others agree with me that nobody is doing any peeing. I think Morpheus makes a good point that,
      "It is "Free" as they are wanting to free the baby from its mortal ties and make it a goblin......See? Then again I am insane...so who knows it could be 'Chickenee'." Slap that baby make him FREE
put that baby SPELL on me I myself never thought Jareth was singing,
"put that baby spit on me"
but aparently a few inventive others heard this line instead!

Within You

Live without your sunlight I've always had trouble making out the lines, "live without your sunlight, love without your heartbeat" but I may be persuaded to believe it's actually "live without the sunlight, love without your heartbeat". Jareth's desperation would seem to build if the intensity of his metaphor increased from the generic "the sunlight" towards the specific "your heartbeat".

Certified correct by jmhcrazyatticcom on January 31, 2003.

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