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Random Labyrinth Memorabilia I'm old enough to have seen Jim Henson's fantasy film Labyrinth in the theatre when it was originally released in 1986. Afterward, I began collecting anything I could find that was related to the film. There didn't seem to be much, just a magazine here, a comic there.

It wasn't until 1997 when I discovered Amethyst's Labyrinth Mailing List that I began finding out that there were a lot more items produced than I had first realized.

Stories began circulating the list of people remembering items, such as the Ludo plush toy, but uncertainty remained. Some of us were so young, we couldn't be certain that such an item really existed. Then someone else who remembered the same item would join the list and discussions would begin again. Yes, there really is a stuffed animal of Ludo, and he's incredibly rare.

In April 1997, I launched a Labyrinth fan site (currently being reworked). Through it, I'd occasionally get an email from someone who'd seen the novel on eBay and wanted to know what was a fair price. I've been keeping track of various auction items over the years and will included this information on item description pages.

I'm indebted to another great collector of Labyrinth memorabilia on the opposite coast. Walter Pullen, my longtime pal and fellow collector, has probably the largest collection of Labyrinth memorabilia in the world. He even owns props and costumes from the film! He's contributed many images you'll see here, if I'm lacking the item in my collection. Visit his site, Labyrinth the Movie.

A final big thanks goes out to Rose O'Thorns for the use of her digital camera. There's a lot of 3-D merchandise I simply have no way of scanning. This guide would be woefully incomplete if not for her.

December 2, 2003