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Merchandise List
Labyrinth: The Online Buyers' Guide

Random Labyrinth Memorabilia What's new? December 1, 2003: purchased a Region Free DVD from Brazil with new artwork and title in Portuguese! Scans coming soon to Movie.

If you're new, here's what you've missed:

When Jim Henson released his fantasy film Labyrinth in 1986, I immediately began searching for any item related to the film. Mostly, I collected magazines, but I did find the soundtrack album and a magazine-sized comic book. A few years later, I discovered two wonderful Labyrinth books in a discount store. That was it! I didn't think anything else remained to be found.

I had no idea that years later, after joining a email discussion list, I would hear stories of a Ludo stuffed animal or a lunchbox and thermos set. Did such wonders truly exist? Often, only one list member could remember an item. Were foggy childhood memories inventing toys that never were?

About a year after joining the mailing list, I discovered that eBay.com offered a treasure trove of Labyrinth memorabilia. I've since been able to expand my collection considerably and verify that, yes indeed, there is a Ludo doll and a lunchbox and even more wonderful items we never knew about.

Nothing described here is for sale on the site, but many of these items appear regularly on eBay. This is just a guide to describe what's out there and what you can expect to pay for it.

I've grouped the items as best I could, but really, where do classify a Labyrinth wrist watch (Extremely Rare), drinking straws (Party Supplies), or those round button pins we piled onto our jackets in the '80s (Fun Things)?

There are no oubliettes or false alarms here, but you still may find yourself lost in the Labyrinth. Home will return you here, and the Merchandise List will show a long list of every available Labyrinth item I know of.

For more background information about the movie or this guide, explore the links above.

Happy collecting!