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Merchandise List
Miscellaneous » Party & School Supplies, Fun & Extremely Rare Items

Labyrinth Party Supplies Party Supplies

Paper napkins, paper plates in two sizes (9" & 7"), paper cups in four sizes (9 ounce with an alternate design from below, 7.5 ounce, 5 ounce, 3 ounce) and drinking straws in pictured box are everything you need for the perfect picnic.

Topps produced gum packets in large pictured box. There are a total of 5 different designs on the gum packets.

Labyrinth School Supplies School Supplies

A plastic lunchbox with thermos was produced.

Magic memo wipe boards with at least 2 different designs were issued by Golden.

Nestle in Canada produced a pencil case/bag with an eraser and ruler.

Shreddies cereal in Canada included sets of stickers and 9 trading cards with its cereal boxes.

A Sir Didymus sticker or production label with an unknown use was issued.

Phone cards with at least two different designs were issued in Japan.

Plastic window clings which use static to stick may have been fan produced from scans of B&W stills.

Fun Things

There are a number of pinbacks, or buttons, or badges promoting the film. It is possible that some are actually fan-produced merchandise, so caution is recommended when examining these items for purchase.

One rectangular pinback was issued to theatres in the United Kingdom for employees to wear, or even distribute to patrons entering the theatre.

At least one circular pinback was issued to American theatres.

Years before the emergence of fan-produced buttons on eBay.com, I won two separate auctions for three pinbacks. Six different images, including the one known official one, appear to be legitimate, unlike the more recent pin up for auction on eBay. I've since won another auction for three mini-pins. These I suspect to be fan-produced. (You can see the 'dithering' of the images, like they'd been printed out on a computer and then made into a button.)

Rare Labyrinth Memorabilia - Ludo Costume Extremely Rare

Once the stuff of legend, there has been photographic confirmation of a resin model of Jareth, goblins, and winding staircase. This is perhaps the rarest of memorabilia.

There are children's Halloween costumes of a Firey and of Ludo which are also very difficult to find.

I've only ever seen two LCD wrist watch auctions on eBay in five years.