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Film » Movie Formats

In the United States, Labyrinth was released on home video in a variety of formats.

Labyrinth Widescreen Laser Disc Laser Disc - the original 1987 release was 'pan and scan'. The 1994 laser disc release was 'widescreen'.

Labyrinth Betamax BetaMax - a rival form of today's VHS standard. The cardboard box was the same size as VHS, with an insert to hold the smaller tape in place. BetaMax machines are extinct in the wild.

Labyrinth Embassy VHS VHS - Embassy Home Entertainment release the first VHS with a runtime of 101 minutes. Nelson later issued an identical VHS, with a runtime of 102 minutes. Careful comparison has revealed no extra footage, just a difference in round the odd seconds to a full minute. Both these releases were SP, or "short play", the superior recording speed. An EP bargain version of the VHS was also released; packaging is nearly identical, except for a blue bar across the top of the box.

8 mm - a rare format that never became popular, 8 mm was a smaller form of video, often used in camcorders.

Labyrinth DVD Region 1 In 1999 the film was re-released on VHS with new artwork and issued on DVD for the first time, with a runtime of 102 minutes. There now exists a Super 8 DVD. I'm not sure how the Super 8 is supposed to be a superior version to the original DVD (Region 1 is USA).

The 1999 DVD also included the documentary "Inside the Labyrinth". The 1999 VHS contains a 10 minute 'featurette' from the documentary.

In England and Australia, PAL (a foreign VHS format) videos were released with different artwork on the packaging.

In 1999 Region 2 DVDs were released in England with different art and a Region 2 German DVD of "Die Reise ins Labyrinth" ("The Journey in the Labyrinth") was also issued. The German DVD appears to have the same artwork as the USA DVD.

Also in England, a widescreen VHS was issued along with a pan and scan VHS re-release.