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Merchandise List
Promotionals » Posters, Promos, Programs, Lobby Cards, Photos

Labyrinth Publications Publishings

There are several press kits available, from different countries, as well as production notes, early scripts, sheet music from the soundtrack, an Official Poster Magazine and a Labyrinth-related Muppet Magazine from Summer '86.


There are dozens of posters available; three from the United States alone. Many countries had their own artwork, from Australia, Belgium, France, England, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, and Spain.

Store Promos

Several unusual items were distributed to promote the film in theatres and video stores, and the soundtrack in record stores. There is a cardboard mobile theatre display, a 3-D counter "standee" video store display, B&W "Underground" music store poster advertisement, 2 flat soundtrack music store display advertisements, and a Lucite globe like Jareth's crystal ball from the film.

Theatre Programs

It's not often in America that small flyers describing the movie are distributed in movie theatres. I believe the practice is now extinct in the US. European programs are more common, and Japanese promotionals are a tradition.

Both the American and the British programs are rather small; so too is the German/Austrian program. The Japanese program is a beautiful 24 page book featuring dozens of photos from the film. There is also a Japanese "chirashi" which is a two-sided promo flyer 26x18.5 cm with similar artwork as the program cover. Another Japanese "chirashi" flyer has puzzles to solve and more artwork.

Lobby Cards

Lobby cards are another dying art form in the United States. There were, however, two different sets, produced either for Britain and/or the States. The U.S. has one of these sets jumbo-sized (11x14). Sets were also released in France, Germany Italy, Mexico, and Spain.

Stills (Photos)

Color 8x10 photographs are often distributed to media outlets. Black and White 8x10s are usually included with press kits (see above) but are often separated and sold to various collectible sellers.