Novel Cover Labyrinth: A Novel
by A.C.H. Smith
Henry Holt, and Co.
Novel Back Cover

Sadly, Labyrinth: A Novel is also out-of-print, but the tireless Stephanie Massick typed up the entire novel at The Depths of the Crystal for your reading pleasure. It seems that she's removed her site and none of it is accessible at this time, but have a look at The Wayback Machine's copy from 1999. Try the text-only version (270 K) Walter Pullen of ThinkLabyrinth! has compiled from Stephanie's work. Based on Stephanie and Walter's work, I've reproducing the novel in a few formats for your convenience.

If you're desperate for an actual copy, used bookstores are a good place to start. I've known people who've found a copy for only a dollar! Although I've tried but prices as of 2011, ranged from $56 for a poor reading copy to $544.25 for a better one! I was able to purchase a copy through

The Intergalactic Trading Company
P.O. Box 1516
Longwood, FL 32752

1-800-383-0727 for credit card orders

so you may have some luck there. Another great place to try is eBay Auctions at Just type in "labyrinth" and see how much stuff you find! You may even see Interglactic Trading selling the novel there, but you're likely to save a bit of money if you go directly through their webpage.

I've included all the information on the back cover of the U.S. novel to assist you in a search for it. There are also 8 pages of movie photos included in the novel. The photos are the same in US, UK, French and German versions. This page includes the photo captions in all three languages.

UK British version       The British version has a different cover from the American edition. There's also a different teaser printed on the back cover.
French version       Labyrinthe is the French version of the novel. It has a different front cover as well. I've also typed up the French summary from the back cover.
German Deutsch version       There is also a German version with the same cover art as the UK edition. Here you can see the German text on the back cover.
Japanese version       There is also a Japanese version of the novel which Walter purchased through He mentioned that some of the photos were different from the American edition.

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