Novel Cover Labyrinth: A Novel Novel Back Cover

Labyrinth A Novel
Author: Anthony Charles H. Smith
Copyright 1986 by Henson Associates, Inc.
Labyrinth and character names are trademarks of Henson Associates, Inc.
Photographs by John Brown

An Owl Book
Henry Holt and Company New York

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 1. The White Owl
 2. What's Said Is Said
 3. Pipsqueak
 4. Which Is Which
 5. Bad Memories
 6. Up and Up
 7. The Meaning of Life
 8. A Very Loud Voice
 9. Another Door Opens
10. No Problem
11. Windows in the Wilderness
12. And No Birds Sing
13. Once Bitten
14. O Body Swayed to Music
15. The Time of Her Life
16. The Gates of Goblin City
17. Saints and Whiskers
18. Seeming
19. Good Night
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Credits for the Online Novel
I nearly never swipe other people's work, but at least I give repeated credit when I do :) Because Stephanie has removed the popular The Depths of the Crystal website (oh, please come back, GMOS!) I've recreated her work here. Luckily Walter created a text file of Stephanie's efforts, so all is not lost. I'll also zip this for quicker download, as I believe Maedeline did at the Listeans Archive Page which has also disappeared. So that nothing gets lost, I've put everything on servers I have access to, so there will be no more disappearances!

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