Photo Album Front Cover Labyrinth: The Photo Album
by Rebecca Grand
Henry Holt, and Co.
Photo Album Back Cover

This book is a pictoral journey following Sarah and her friends through the Labyrinth with a commentary from two unnamed goblins. Dozens of full color photographs illustrate the story and are enhanced by some dialog from the movie. I think it is the best of the Labyrinth books and my personal favorite.

Envious of Walter Pullen's scanning the early script and providing the Closed Captioning from the movie, and not to be outdone by Stephanie Massick painstakingly typing out the entire novel, I've made available the out-of-print Labyrinth: The Photo Album. You can try finding a used one at and prices as of 2011 are surprisingly reasonable, so grab one while you still can!

I have acquired the British version of Labyrinth: The Photo Album from the same place as I acquired the novel. It is nearly identical, with only minor differences you might find curious. More noteable are foreign language versions of the Photo Album. I've added Japanese, Spanish and German versions to my collection. The Japanese covers are very different and there are a few blue-tinted "black and white" photos on both inside covers. The Spanish version is nearly identical to the American and British versions. The German variation has a different cover entirely. You can compare the two English-language versions, or take a look at the Spanish, Japanese, and German editions.

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