Storybook Front Cover The Storybook Based on the Movie
by Louise Gikow
Illustrated by Bruce McNally

Henry Holt and Company
Storybook Back Cover

This storybook is different from the Read-along Storybook that comes with either a cassette tape or a 33-1/3 vinyl record. The Storybook Based on the Movie has artwork that is cartoonish, not photographic.

Wrap-around cover art adds an additional touch to the children's storybook.

Storybook Back CoverStorybook Front Cover

I've only ever found one style of cover art between the four different editions in my collection. There appear to be three versions for English-reading audiences: hardcover, softcover, library hardcover. Upon close examination of the title pages, all three are identical! I thought softcovers were always given a different ISBN, but apparently not. Here's the publication info and details about slight variations between the formats.

There is also a German language version. The softcover German edition is identical, except for the language. There are more details about the German-language edition available.

The Goblins' Library has finally gone international and is thrilled to present the German Language Version of Labyrinth: The Storybook Based on the Movie.

Sadly,the Labyrinth storybook is also out-of-print. If you're desperate for an actual copy, used bookstores are a good place to start. Have a look at but prices as of 2011, ranged from $50-$90!

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