Many apologies for all the disruptions - we're on our fourth server! since Through Dangers Untold... first launched nearly 8 years ago. The goblins were confused before the first move and things have only gotten worse! Rest assured, the Maze King himself reminds me every week I ought to be coralling goblins, dwarves and fairies to unpack and dust off the files you'll soon be reaching below. Mind the oubliettes! We've got some wayward faeries who haven't reported back yet, so there could be some missing graphics and broken links. Please be patient!

What began as a single Labyrinth website has grown into four distinct sites. Below are descriptions of each.
Through Dangers Untold The Goblins' Library
Through Dangers Untold
re-launching sometime in 2005
The Goblins' Library
Currently undergoing renovations
(oh, there were some major oubliettes!)
Jareth's Music Hall Online Buyers' Guide
Jareth's Music Hall
complete site featuring
sheet music, lyrics, midis
Online Buyers' Guide
always in progress
memorabilia descriptions