The Sacred Bone of Whence

Plate 19 Page 49 The Sacred Bone of Whence One of the most revered relics in the Labyrinth, this ancient bone rests in the Silent Sepulchre on the Holy Hill. From time immemorial, goblins have made the great pilgrimage across the Wastes of Wandering, over the Great Dust Desert, and into the Mysterious Mountains to seek it out and pay their respects. Great healing powers are attributed to the relic. For example, it is said that those who touch the Holy Know (fig. A) will receive a large reward in the post. Those who kiss the sacred spots (figs. D and T) will gain relief from anyting that irriatates them on a Thursday. Pilgrims who simply point at the Blessed "I" will acquire the gift of making great sandwiches, whilst those who press their noses on the Venerable "E" will be granted the gift of Eternal Indifference (if they want it).
      The only worry about all this for most goblins is that the relice is so old that no one is quite sure what it is a relic of. Suggestions are consequently left in a little box beside the Silent Sepulchre, and every year the box is opened up and the contents ceremoniously thrown away.

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