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What happens when you wish for something terrible...
and your wish comes true? Young Sarah is about to find
out. Left at home to mind her baby brother, Toby, she finds
herself trying to comfort a screaming infant as a wild
storm rages about the house. In a fit of temper, she wishes
that the goblins would come and take the child away. Un-
fortunately, they do.
      Sarah then plunges into a whirlwind adventure. If she
cannot reach the center of the mysterious Labyrinth within
thirteen hours, Jareth- King of the Goblins - will keep
Toby forever. In the twists and turns of her dangerous jour-
ney to Jareth's castle, she meets an extraordinary variety
of strange characters, some more friendly than others. But
none of them will be able to help her unless she musters
the courage to challenge Jareth - no matter what the odds.
      Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets and director of
Labyrinth, has joined with executive producer George
to take us once again on a fascinating journey into
a fantastic world. Labyrinth has been produced by Eric
; the executive supervising producer is David
. Illustrator Brian Froud is the conceptual designer,
and the screenplay by Terry Jones is based on a story by
Jim Henson and Dennis Lee. A Henson Associates Inc./
Lucasfilm Ltd. production, the movie is distributed by Tri-
Star Pictures.
      A.C.H. Smith, who is also the author of The Dark Crystal
and Lady Jane, has captured all the excitement and poetry
of a brilliant film in this riveting novel.
ISBN 0-03-007322-7

Cover design
by Andrew M. Newman

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